Woodpecker Information

  • They feed off of insects, berries, tree sap and vegetable matter.
  • Woodpeckers can live up to 11 years.
  • Will nest in nooks and crannies in trees or wooden buildings.
  • When living in groups, they can become very territorial and cause a large amount of damage.

Stop Woodpeckers from Nesting

  • Monitor around your home for signs of woodpecker damage. Wood peckers are attracted to insects inside structures and will often peck around the edges of siding to get at them.
  • Reflective objects will deter woodpeckers. But only for so long. Woodpeckers can get used to many visual deterrents after prolonged exposure.

Prevention Options

Birch Fumigators can help you control a woodpecker problem and help advise on how to keep your home safe from the damage they cause.

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