Facts about Grain Beetles

  • Grain beetles feed on grains and flour dusts.
  • They lay eggs on cereal products, dry pet foods and other dry goods.
  • They are good at getting into sealed packaging, and will turn products an off colour with an odd odour.

How to Make Your Home a Grain Beetle-Free Zone

  • Minimize food particle sources: vacuuming cupboards to clean off food particles will help ensure grain beetles do not return.
  • Discard any contaminated sources: though they are sometimes small and hard to spot, if one bag of items is found with a beetle in it, odds are the others have an egg or beetle as well.
  • Keep cereal items in well-sealed containers: green beetles can squeeze themselves into almost any nook and cranny. Twist-tied bags and open cereal boxes are possible targets.

Fumigate Beetles

Birch Fumigators provides top-notch grain beetle fumigation. Grain beetles are great at playing hide and seek and will often hide in cracks or splits for long openings. Fumigation ensures all hiding beetles are eradicated.

Download our grain beetle instruction sheet.

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