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Our K-9 Dogs Are Trained to Inspect for Bed Bugs

The only sure-fire method of detection for bedbugs is a highly trained K-9 dog. A trained bedbug inspection K-9 saves cost and time by quickly pointing out trouble areas that need to be targeted.

K-9 dogs have very sensitive noses. Before an inspection, it is best to have all sources of strong odour removed from the premises.

One of our K-9 Dogs will visit up to several sites per day. Since they are on very tight schedules, it is best to have your home prepared ahead of time, to guarantee a proper inspection.

Bed Bug Dog Tips

  • Trained bed bug dogs can sense multiple compounds through multiple layers of "smell", including smoke, snow and ashes.
  • A dog has over 200 million olfactory nerves while humans have 5 million. This enables the dog to visualize odours in 3 dimensions.
  • A dog can determine the gender, diet, general and emotional health states, all from a single drop of urine.

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