Reliable Heat Treatments Kill Bed Bugs for Edmonton Property Owners

Bed bugs love the warmth of our homes and workplaces. But they can't take the heat of Thermal Remediation®. This heat treatment brings the ambient room temperature to around 49° - 57°C (120° - 135°F), stopping bed bugs in their tracks. Birch Fumigators’ pest control experts kill bed bugs in Edmonton with this reliable technique. Our family owned and operated business uses a new larger system and truck to provide a more thorough treatment.

Thermal Remediation® heaters gradually heat up the interior space in your home to a lethal degree. Unable to survive in the new extreme temperature for a long period of time, bed bugs and other stored product pests begin to die. All life cycles of these pests are affected.

Target Bed Bugs in 3 Steps

Using high output portable heaters, rapid air movement fans and remote monitoring temperature sensors, killing bed bugs hiding in the nooks and crannies of your home is done reliably and safely. The 3 steps of bed bug heat treatment include:

Bring Heat

Our electrical heaters heat up your interior space and recirculate that heat throughout. 


We monitor the rising temperatures in real time to make sure they do not exceed the 57°C (135°F). This is done from a remote location using wireless sensors. Our team makes sure temperatures do not rise too high and cause damage to your space and its contents. 

Move Air

With custom designed high temperature fans, we move the heated air evenly throughout your home in order to reach all insects. This method can reach various high infestation zones often missed by traditional pest control methods.

Heat vs. Pesticides – Choose a More Environmentally Friendly Option

Compared to chemical applications, bed bug heat treatment is not only more effective, but also more environmentally friendly. Over time bed bugs grow more resistant to certain insecticides, meaning that spraying chemicals may not kill all insect life stages. Bed bugs remain post-treatment. On the other hand, heat treatment kills bed bugs simply because they cannot survive at such extreme temperatures – no matter what the life cycle stage! No need for multiple chemical treatments, when one appointment for heat treatment does the trick.

Fully Equipped for Your Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Birch Fumigators have 10 new heaters for bed bug heat treatment. With 8 heaters, we can heat up to 2,800 sq. ft. (equivalent to 2 two-bedroom apartments at one time). Using 10 heaters, we can heat upwards of 3,500 sq. ft. (equivalent to 2 three-bedroom apartments at one time). Our heat treatment service can be used in homes, apartments and vehicles. Birch Fumigators will also bring in our own generators to run the heaters so that we don’t use any of your property’s power. 

Birch Fumigators — heat treatments done right.

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