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Bed Bug General Facts

Know exactly what you're up against when you're trying to get rid of bed bugs. Here are some basic facts, so you are aware of what you're dealing with:


 Bed bug eggs are the size of a pinhead.

 Adult bed bugs can be ¼ inch or longer.

 Bed bugs feed off of blood – not just human blood.

 They lay up to 5 eggs per day.

 Bed bugs can go over a year without feeding.

 Bed bug saliva contains both an anesthetic to numb the sensation of the bite and an anti-coagulant to keep blood from clotting.

Bed Bug Precautions

Protect against bed bugs using these methods:


Bed bugs can hide in almost any location. Inside box springs, electronics, nightstands, and under or behind baseboards and window or door trim.

Bed bugs can be found anywhere. Taking electronics, furniture and clothing from dumpsters can have nasty results. Refrain from taking items from dumpsters as they may be infested with bed bugs.

Excessive clutter maximizes possible hiding spots. Before a treatment can be done, the home must be free of clutter and should have minimal furniture.

A K-9 inspection dog can provide excellent results. Minimizing odours is important for all inspection dogs, as their noses are very sensitive.

Treatment Options

There are a variety of ways to take care of your bed bug infestation:


Heat treatments: the entire affected space is heated to a temperature that ensures all bed bugs stages are eliminated.

 Dusts: the baseboards and voids are coated with a powdered chemical.


To get rid of your bed bug infestation, rely on Birch Fumigators. Call us today to get the process started!

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