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Learn about Bee and Wasp Removal in Edmonton

No one likes the feeling of being stung by a bee or wasp, and it’s even worse when one is allergic. There’s enough of a hazard of this happening while you’re at a park or nature preserve, so you definitely don’t want bees and wasps on your personal property. If you see a hive starting and need help, contact Birch Fumigators. We offer bee and wasp removal in Edmonton to help prevent the likelihood of being stung. Battling an infestation of bees and wasps? Learn about their characteristics with these facts:


 There are 3 kinds of bees: queen, worker and drones.

 All the workers in a hive are female, and will die upon stinging.

 Male bees are the drones, and do not have a stinger.

 The bees use their honeycomb cells to raise their babies in, and to store nectar, honey, pollen and water.


 Unlike bees, wasps do not produce honey.

 Wasps will turn to garbage and other waste when insects are minimal.

 Only females have stingers, and their duty is to protect the hive.


 Some species of bees and wasps create hives below ground as well as above. If wasps are coming from an entry in the ground, there is likely a nest below.

 Don’t wait. Near the end of summer, wasps switch to collecting carbohydrates, which makes them far more aggressive. Don’t wait until it is too late with a hive.

We Remove Bee & Wasp Nests

Birch Fumigators offers removal of wasps and bee nests, to ensure the problem stays gone.

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