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Mosquito Control in Edmonton

Mosquitos are the bane of campfires, BBQs, and outdoor weddings everywhere. Mosquitos are considered the deadliest animal on Earth, killing over 700 000 people a year via the diseases they can spread. Birch Fumigators uses a combination of techniques to rid your backyard of mosquitos!

Some Important Points About Mosquitos

Most species of mosquitos lay eggs in stagnant water. Some common backyard locations include bird feeders and rain barrels.

Only female mosquitos bite and suck blood. Males feed on nectar and other sugar sources.

Mosquitos use CO2 in a victim’s breath to identify a target.

The most common mosquito-borne disease in Canada is West Nile Virus.

What Can You Do to Prevent Mosquitos?

Remove standing water from your property

Keep your grass trimmed and free of leaf litter.

Use mosquito repellent.

If you’re still having problems, call Birch Fumigators today and let us help you rid yourself of these pesky insects!

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