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Once the weather starts to turn cold, adult flies gather in clusters in warm buildings for hibernation. Called cluster flies, they sleep in attics and wall voids all winter long. This species very commonly gathers in groups one-by-one throughout buildings in North America. Once the weather turns and they try to get back outside, these household nuisances flee from their hibernation, becoming a bother to home and business owners alike. Birch Fumigators offers expert cluster fly control for Edmonton property owners everywhere.

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Cluster flies overlap their wings over their abdomens while house flies don’t, which is one way to determine if the fly you saw in your kitchen is the first sign of a bigger problem. Having cluster flies in your home can be very problematic. While they aren’t as hazardous as other pest infestations, cluster flies wake up from hibernation as large swarms that can fill your home. 

To prevent problems associated with such swarms, Birch Fumigators can apply pesticides to the exterior walls of your home or building. This application is a preventative measure that should be completed prior to an infestation, in mid to late August. If you already have a cluster fly problem in your home, be sure to call the expert team at Birch Fumigators.

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