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Mice Control in Edmonton

Mice can not only carry diseases, they can cause structural damage by chewing holes in drywall as well as wiring. For mouse control in Edmonton, turn to Birch Fumigators Ltd by calling us today.


Facts about Mice 

 Female mice can have babies up to 10 times per year

 Mice always build nests near food sources, as they can eat up to 20 times per day.

 Mice can jump, climb and swim very well.


Hantavirus Summary & Symptoms

 Mice do not get sick from Hantavirus. They can carry the virus and spread it to others through droppings, feces and saliva.

 Hantavirus can also become airborne. When the feces of an infected mouse are disturbed or broken, the virus can stay viable in the open air for up to 3 days.

 Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS) has a mortality rate of between 30% and 50%. On average there are 3 cases per year reported in Canada. Symptoms of HPS start up to 3 weeks from infection, and progress to a flu-like illness. Fever, fatigue, muscle pains and shortness of breath are commonly reported symptoms.

There is no vaccine for Hantavirus infection. Minimizing contact with mice and mice droppings/urine is the best defense.


Treatment Options

Cleaning of feces should be done with care. Wetting the feces before removal can minimize exposure to the disease in the droppings.


A professional fumigation from Birch Fumigators will ensure all nests are removed and any stragglers taken care of.

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