General Information about Pigeons

Relying greatly on humans for food and shelter, pigeons use buildings as nests and roosting sites. They feed off of bird grain as well as open garbage cans. More than just an annoying bird, pigeons carry salmonella as well as fleas, lice, mites and more. Pigeon droppings can damage shingles and siding due to their high acidity. Be sure to call Birch Fumigators to get rid of any pigeon nests you find in Edmonton to prevent an infestation on your property.

General Information about Pigeons

 A single pigeons can deposit over 11 kilograms of droppings per year.

 Pigeons have a lifespan of up to 4 years, and reproduce year round.

 Pigeon droppings are a source of disease and bird glue.

 Pigeon control through poison is often unsuccessful, as remaining pigeons do not leave and the extra food available attracts more.

Prevent Pigeons from Entering Your Home

 Seal all entry locations: pigeons love to nest in buildings of any type, and will nest in high up locations that are out of reach of most predators.

 Don't feed the pigeons: pigeons will always return in greater numbers if a nourishing food supply is found. As they are scavenger birds, they will attempt to eat almost anything available.

Evict Pigeons from Your Property

 For roof tops and ledges, pigeon spikes can keep them from landing and depositing droppings on the surrounding area.

Birch Fumigators can help you control and eliminate a pigeon pest problem.

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